Howard University School of Business (HUSB) 50th Anniversary Alumni Champion Program is an effort to increase alumni engagement with HUSB during the 50th Anniversary Celebration Campaign and beyond. This program will be an important part of the success of the 50th Anniversary. The HUSB Alumni Champions are committed to supporting the School of Business themselves and to connect with fellow alumni and friends, encouraging them to play a more active role in support of the HUSB students and actives.


The purpose of the Alumni Champions program is to engage and encourage HUSB Alumni to increase Alumni giving and support of the School of Business. 


Champions are Alumni who volunteer to call on fellow alumni and friends to support and encourage re-engagement with HUSB. HUSB Champions are also advocates who volunteer and organize alumni events.


  1. Make minimum 50th Anniversary contribution or pledge of $1,000

  2. Connect annually with 15-20 alumni regarding the HUSB 50th Anniversary celebration.

  3. Volunteer at HUSB Alumni events in your area.

  4. Where possible with other HUSB Alumni Champions organize 50th Anniversary Alumni events in your area

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